Sustainable peace of mind

We develop products that have a meaningful impact on the daily lives of our customers. It is very important that we do this in a responsible manner; both by making products that last for years and by working to reduce our impact on the planet. Sustainability and social responsibility should actually be self-evident, but unfortunately they are not (yet).

Our bedding comes from Portugal, but the cotton plant does not grow there. That is why we started looking for a quality mark that offers certainty over the entire chain. We find guarantees such as free of chemicals insufficient. That only says something about the end product. It could just be that pesticides are used in the cultivation of the cotton plan or that (forced) child labor takes place when picking or spinning the cotton yarns.

We absolutely do not want anything to do with such practices here. And I'm sure no one really wants that. Unfortunately, awareness is still quite low. Because we want the certainty that the entire process is controlled: from growing the cotton plant to packaging the end product. Everything completely sustainable / organic and socially responsible. The only quality mark that offers this assurance is GOTS.

Our quality marks

For SUITE702 it goes without saying that all items meet the strictest sustainability criteria and that the social conditions of all those involved in the production process are in order. SUITE702 therefore only works with GOTS certified manufacturers. In addition, SUITE702 itself is GOTS certified.

All SUITE702 textiles have the GOTS quality mark. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard . GOTS is the world's leading quality mark for organic textile products. GOTS sets strict requirements for the environmental aspects of the entire production process: from processing, production, to packaging, trade and distribution of the textile. Strict checks are carried out annually on the environment, animal welfare and the social conditions of the people who make the products. SUITE702 is also certified itself, we also check in Amsterdam.
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DownPass is the quality mark for down and feathers with the strictest animal welfare criteria. Strict attention is paid to: good accommodation, sufficient food and drink, protection against diseases and the presence of trained care staff. The feathers/down are a by-product of the meat. Live picking, force-feeding and keeping animals in cages are strictly prohibited. Checks are announced and unannounced. It is also assessed whether the amount of down stated on the label is present in the duvet/pillow.
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NOMITE is a quality mark of the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA). Down duvets with this label are suitable for people with an allergy to house dust mites and for people with asthmatic conditions.
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