Return shipment

It is a pity that your order does not meet expectations, but no problem of course. We want you to be satisfied with your SUITE702 purchases. If that is unfortunately not the case, the item can always be returned within 14 days of receipt. As soon as we have received your order including the original packaging in good order (unused & unwashed), we will refund the purchase amount via the payment method you used to pay for the order.

How can I return an item?
Return via return portal
Let's be aware together of the impact we have on our environment. Make more conscious choices, shop smarter and return less. For this reason you cannot return for free at SUITE702 and the direct costs of the return shipment are for your account. In the Netherlands this is €7.50, in Belgium and Germany €12.50 and France €15. For a return shipment outside these countries, you must create a shipment yourself with a shipper of your choice. In addition, it is wise to request a track & trace and to insure the shipment. The responsibility of the return shipment is always at your own risk.

You can register a return shipment on our return portal: . The steps you have to go through are simple and self-explanatory.

Return via a shipper of your choice
You can also choose to frank the package yourself. In addition, it is wise to request a track & trace and to insure the shipment.

Return to the Studio
You are of course also very welcome to bring the package to our Studio in Amsterdam yourself. Call or email before you come. We are often there, but this way you avoid standing in front of a closed door.

SUITE702 Studio
Element Street 14-B
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