Material Specials


Our plaids are made of double-knitted cotton. Double-knit actually means that it is two plaids that are attached to each other. As a result, the plaids have no front or back. The plaid is made of 100% organic cotton and is made in India. All plaids are
duo tone. Along a diagonal axis, the plaid consists of two harmonious yet contrasting colours.


The jug is made of natural latex rubber and has a knitted cover made of 100% organic cotton. The case is wonderfully soft and does not itch. The neck of the case is always in the color camel, because of this composition many people call the case, a sweater. We have the jug and the cover in 7 different unique compositions where the rubber jug ​​always has a different color than the cover.

Eye pillow

There is nothing better than wonderfully fresh-smelling bedding. You can brighten up your bed or linen closet with the auromatic eye pillows . The eye pillows made of organic percale cotton are filled with a mix of flaxseed and lavender. You can also put the scented pillow on your eyes
nice to relax.

Both the white bag with flax and lavender and the pillowcase are made of percale cotton. The scraps from the fitted sheets are kept (normally the scraps are thrown away). A social institution in Portugal (Airev) fills the bags. In this way we give waste a new purpose and we help people with a distance to the labor market to find work.

The pillowcases are available in (almost) all colors of percale cotton. You can just put the little pillowcase in the wash. By moistening the bags with filling a little bit and putting them in the microwave, you activate the lavender scent.


SUITE702'ssponges are mined in Greece in the Mediterranean Sea. The sponges are carefully selected, collected and processed. When harvesting the sponges, they leave residues so that they can grow underwater. This particular species is valued for its softness and durability.

The natural sponge hangs from a handy cord in a bright color. The cord is made in the Netherlands from recycled PET.