pastel bigDOT geel groen pistachio

Pastel shades are hot! You will see them more and more in fashion in 2021 and also in interiors. And that's not surprising because many people like pastel shades. They have a soothing, calm and clean effect, but can also color a room at the same time. That's because pastel shades are all made up of white and another color. For example, pastel pink is red and white, mint green is green and white and light gray is black and white. Pastel shades therefore have both the activating properties of color (depending on the shade) and the soothing properties of white. 

Pastel shades in the bedroom

Pastel shades are therefore a very popular choice for colors in the bedroom. Because pastel shades are so elegant and subtle, they work well together. But watch out: if you go overboard with the candy chain colors, your bedroom will turn into a sugar pie. It is therefore best to combine the candy colors with the more neutral pastel shades. In addition, pastel colors also go well with white or very expressive or deep colors.

SUITE702 has bed linen, towels and bathrobes in six different pastel colours. We think they are all equally beautiful!

vanille vanilla yellow geel camel

Subtle, fresh and playful

There are many different pastel shades. Think lilac, vanilla, mint green, light pink, light gray and baby blue. Whichever you choose, they are all subtly fresh and playful and you can combine them well with each other. For example by a bigDOT and bedMATE to choose in the trendy color Lilac Grey and a percale set in the more neutral pebble. Fan of lilac? Then you can of course just do a complete percale duvet set choose in Lilac Grey. 

Want to bring a little sun and romance into the bedroom? Then go for the spring-like vanilla and/or the subtle light pink shade blush. Do you really need fresh shades that are reminiscent of nature? Then choose a percale set in the color pistachio or Sky Blue.  

lilac lila vanille vanilla geel yellow

You can also combine our pastel shades with our beautiful other colors such as pinkgold, green, blue, neutrals, or orange-red? SUITE702 has a wide range of colours, shades and materials.