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The use of yellow and gold tones in bedrooms is popular and for good reason. In fact, research shows that the effect of yellow is that it really makes us happier and that you get a better night's sleep. It is a primary color that immediately reminds us of the sun. The nice thing about yellow is that it comes in a whole spectrum of shades. Ocher yellow has something earthy, sunset yellow something warm, and bright yellow radiates enthusiasm and liveliness. Gold tones often have a yellow undertone and that creates both a warm, sunny effect and a chic effect, although we understand that going crazy with gold (hello Toppers in concert!) has the opposite effect. 

Yellow and gold in the bedroom

The advantage of yellow and gold in the bedroom is that you can really make a statement with a few details. We understand that you are not going to paint your walls neon yellow, but a little yellow here and there gives an incredibly fun, cheerful and brightening effect. Moreover, yellow and gold tones are very easy to combine with other colours, but also with tone-on-tone colors in the color yellow itself. 

Suite 702 has bed linen, towels and bathrobes in various shades of yellow and gold in various materials. Combine them together or order them separately. You can go either way with yellow and gold.

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Yellows and golds for every season

This is how we have percale bedding in the color Khaki Gold. Warm, soothing and timeless, this dark yellow-gold shade is suitable for any season. The same warm effect but slightly lighter, sunnier and more pronounced is our percale bedding in the color Inca Gold. 

Looking for a fresh, cheerful, pastel-like yellow color? Then our percale bedding is in the color vanilla maybe something for you. Are you looking for a warm, luxurious effect, our satin bedding is available in the color honey perfect. The slight sheen of the Satin completes the chic, gold-like effect. We also have in the color Honey towels. We also have beautiful linen bedding in the earthy, gold-like color Hay

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Are yellow and gold tones not for you? Or do you want to combine it with our beautiful other colors such as, pink, green, blue, brown-grey, pastel, or Orange-red? Which can! Suite702 has a wide range of color(s) but also products and materials.