bedMATE of the month #6: Emmy & Laura

Every month we visit a creative, colorful and inspiring person. She or he is the ' bedMATE of the month'.

The bedMATE is the most iconic item in our collection. The extra long pillow serves as a headboard , but also as a cuddle buddy, a friend who gives support.

We crawl into bed with the 'bedMATE of the month. We take a look at their home and their colorful bedroom. In conversation we discover how they experience the SUITE life . What's going on in their heads? Where do they get their inspiration from? What color do they dream in?

This month, all-round creative Nicole Huisman visited Emmy & Laura .

The mood boards were already finished before the bus was found. It had to have a lot of color, a standard bed - not one you have to build up every day - and enough space for all French vintage finds. And everything, absolutely everything, they wanted to do themselves - with the helpful eye of the fathers, go ahead. Meet Bobbie, Emmy and Laura's proud four-wheeler. Nicole drove along on behalf of SUITE702 through the North Holland polders to get a taste of these camper vibes.

La Loueme

Out of love for sustainability and beautiful things, Emmy & Laura founded La Louème in 2020: preloved interior and tableware finds, sourced from French flea markets and cycles. Their eye for color and shape (Emmy works as a hair & make-up artist, Laura as a stylist) quickly created a unique collection with its own stamp. The couple rented a bus a few times and went on a work holiday to the sunny south and soon fell in love with the #vanlife. 'But we also soon had a lot to notice about the rental bus,' says Emmy with a laugh. 'We didn't like the layout - the swivel seats in the front, for example, we found that inconvenient.' And besides, the camper was incredibly boring. The girls soon started to fantasize about their own renovation bus. Inspiration was quickly found ('I already have a mood board for everything: our house, our wedding, nothing but fun ideas!', says Emmy) and a bus was bought even faster than expected. Their dream project could begin.

Bobbie: the camper

Apart from having their own campervan to go shopping, Emmy & Laura saw the bus as a great opportunity to practice for 'the real thing', a house of their own, one day. They wanted to learn and be able to renovate themselves, so they set to work. With two handy fathers (1 works as an electrician, the other knows everything about wood and carpentry) who watched (but didn't help!) they could get to work with peace of mind. The girls gave the bus their own windows, installed the electricity, devised and created all the woodwork (from doors to ceilings and kitchen) and of course, the color and interior plan. 'People think of a camper as retro, but we didn't necessarily want that. Moreover, we needed a motorhome that we could rely on, so we opted for a reasonably modern one.' The baptism of fire: festival Down The Rabbithole last July, which Bobbie passed perfectly.

A light blue kitchen, warm wood tones and a classic black and white block print on the floor - orange printed curtains are in the making as we speak and the drawers are full of pastel-colored crockery. The Jade Green duvet cover , a Lavender Gray duvet cover and a Cobalt Blue bedMATE give the bus an extra color boost. Not only nice for bed, but also nice for chilling next to the bus.

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