We can't promise you world peace, but a goodnight sleep is a hell of a start

Bed linen

Recently I tried to explain to someone what we want to achieve with SUITE702. Quite a story, I fear not sufficiently coherent. "Hit is only bedding, hey OlafI was told. Why did we actually start SUITE702?

If you are lucky, you will sleep for about 8 hours; 1/3 of your day. In theory, you therefore spend 1/3 of your life in bed. You get this tune from every mattress seller. It is not untrue, and quite an important point. But we have all heard it so many times that it is not that interesting anymore. Nor is it why Shirley and I started SUITE702.

Sleeping is important for your health, productivity and creativity 

When we all sleep a little better and longer, we are better rested and feel better about ourselves. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is. Being rested by life is so much more important than we all think. from research has shown that a lack of sleep is really very unhealthy. A structural lack of sleep has the same effect on our functioning as drunkenness. When we've slept well and are rested, we can make better decisions, be more creative and productive. But also more friendly and preferable to each other. Rested, you are a better version of yourself.

On average, every person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. Donald Trump prides himself on sleeping 4 hours or less a day. Don't you think the world would look much better if Trump stayed in his nest a little longer?

Imagine that after a long night's sleep, Trump is well rested and doesn't start his day at 5am with an angry twitter rant. Imagine he doesn't call the rest of the world a liar or a rotten fish. The world wouldn't immediately look better (neither Trump), but it is a start. Going through life rested is not only good for you, but also for your environment. I wish the world a restful Trump. 

"We can't promise you world peace, but a goodnight sleep is a hell of a start" 

Yes, it is bedding. We are not just going to improve the world. But every little bit helps. The appeal of a comfortable bed is enormous. I think this is recognizable for everyone. If your bed looks good, you also like to dive in earlier.  

So why did we start a bedding brand. Because we want to entice people to spend more time in bed. That seemed like a good idea. How? You can read that in the next blog post.