What is a Terry Cotton Towel?

At SUITE702 we place high demands on our textile products. Not only do we strive for them to feel luxurious and give you a feeling of comfort and refinement, but we also want to offer sustainable products. The Martens & Martens towel collection , which we have developed, includes a range of durable and attractive products, including our popular terry cotton towel. Although the name may be new to you, the experience of using a terry cotton towel will certainly be familiar: the softness, texture and absorbency are unmistakable. By choosing our terry cotton towels, you choose quality, durability and comfort, which results in a totally positive experience. But what exactly is a terry cotton towel? Let's delve into that in more detail.

What are the properties of terry cotton textiles in towels?

Within the broad collection of SUITE702 towels, terry cotton textile plays a strong leading role. In addition to offering an attractive color palette, terry cotton offers exceptional properties that make our towels a true bathroom experience.

First, it is important to mention that cotton terry is soft and absorbent. After a refreshing shower or relaxing bath, a terry cotton towel wraps your skin in the softest affection. Terry cotton is also highly absorbent, meaning it absorbs water quickly and easily. The result is fast and comfortable drying and a pleasant feeling on your skin.

Moreover, terry cotton is strong and durable. You can use a SUITE702 terry cotton towel over and over again without it losing its shape or color. An investment in our towels is an investment in quality. And the attractive price makes it an attractive choice for anyone who appreciates practical luxury.

What is perhaps most exceptional about our terry cotton towels is the sublime balance of comfort with style. With the different color options, a SUITE702 towel fits effortlessly into any bathroom design. And whether you choose Sunny Yellow, Brown, Orange, or Sky Blue, you enjoy the same luxurious feeling and the unparalleled properties of terry cotton textiles.

It is also important to know that terry cotton textiles breathe well. A SUITE702 towel always stays fresh, even after a busy day or during warm summer months. This characteristic, combined with its absorbent properties, makes terry cotton a very comfortable choice.

In summary, terry cotton textiles in towels provide a luxurious experience. The softness and absorbent properties provide comfort, while the durability and freshness contribute to the practical side. When you combine this with the stylish aesthetic of SUITE702, it becomes clear why terry cotton is the ideal choice for your towels.

How do you care for your terry cotton towel?

At SUITE702 we want you to fully enjoy your Martens & Martens towel collection, made from high-quality terry cotton. To extend the life of your towels, there are some tips and tricks you can follow.

A careful washing procedure is essential for maintaining your terry cotton towels. Wash your towels after every third use and always use a mild detergent. Avoid fabric softeners as they can reduce the absorbent properties of the cotton fibres.

An important tip from SUITE702: prevent your brightly colored towels from fading by avoiding the use of bleach. The chemicals in bleach can damage the cotton fibers and cause the colors to fade.

The drying process of your towels also deserves attention. Don't leave your terry cotton towels in the dryer for too long, otherwise they can become stiff. A good alternative is to let them air dry to maintain their softness.

Loose threads on a towel can occur. Under no circumstances should you pull these threads, but rather cut them with scissors. This prevents further unraveling and damage to the material.

Despite good care, towels eventually wear out. Signs that it is time for replacement include a loss of softness, reduced absorption or permanent staining. Fortunately, SUITE702 offers a wide range of terry cotton towels in various colors to suit every taste.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your beautiful towels for as long as possible and keep them in top condition. Careful maintenance is crucial to guarantee the quality and longevity of your towels.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of terry cotton towels?

Terry cotton is known for its excellent absorbency, making it an ideal material for towels. The texture is extremely soft, which provides a pleasant experience after a hot shower or during a day at the beach. These towels are durable and retain their quality even after many washes.

A disadvantage of terry cotton towels is that they can be relatively heavy, especially when wet. This may be less suitable for those who need a lightweight towel, such as for the gym or travelling. These towels can also feel slightly rough over time, although this can be minimized with proper care and the use of fabric softener.

In terms of value for money, SUITE702 towels are of high quality, making them a good long-term investment. With sets available from €74.95 in colors such as Sunny Yellow, Brown, Orange and Sky Blue, we offer options for everyone. Our terry cotton towels are not only a practical addition to your bathroom, but also enhance the aesthetics and provide comfort after every shower or bath.

The price of a terry cotton towel starts at €19.95, and you can purchase a complete set for only €74.95. This value for money is excellent considering the functionality and aesthetics that these towels offer, making them a daily pleasure to use.

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