What is the best quality fitted sheet?

There are many different fitted sheets, such as a linen fitted sheet, Egyptian cotton fitted sheet, velvet fitted sheet and Tencel fitted sheet. But which one is the best? In our opinion, this is clearly the organic cotton fitted sheet . It lasts the longest, does not pill, breathes and feels wonderfully smooth.

Fitted sheets are often forgotten and that is a shame. A good fitted sheet is important. We believe that a good fitted sheet is almost as important as a good mattress. A good fitted sheet ensures that your mattress lasts longer and stays clean. A person loses about one and a half liters of moisture per night while sleeping and without a good fitted sheet, it will all absorb into your mattress. It is therefore also important that the material breathes well. A good fitted sheet does not have synthetic materials. We have chosen to only sell percale cotton fitted sheets because we are so enthusiastic about them! Our SUITE702 fitted sheets are made from organic percale cotton from Portugal.

What size fitted sheet do you need?

Our fitted sheets are available in four different sizes. We have a smaller one measuring 90x200 cm long. One is 160x200 cm long, one is 180x200 cm long and our longest is 200x210 cm long. For example, if you are looking for a fitted sheet 140x190, we can always have it custom made for you. We do not make split fitted sheets, but secretly we also think that it is better to snuggle up together in the evening. The fitted sheets are available in 19 different colors such as a taupe fitted sheet ( Camel / Smokey ) or terracotta fitted sheet ( Cognac / Brique Red ) and much more.

Percale cotton fitted sheet pistachio

Can a fitted sheet be used as a topper?

All our fitted sheets have a 30 cm high edge, elastic all the way around and are therefore suitable for mattresses and toppers. If your mattress with topper is even thicker, you can also use two fitted sheets. We really like this because you can bring even more color into your bedroom.

The SUITE702 logo is embroidered ton-sur-ton on the right vertical side (on the side of the mattress). Subtle and tasteful and at the same time useful for making your bed / mattress. This way you always know how to place it in the right direction. All our fitted sheets are made from 100% organic percale cotton and are sustainably and ethically produced. Our percale cotton has a thread count of 300. This way of weaving ensures that the material is smooth, crispy and also feels a bit cooler than normal. It is therefore also called hotel quality and that is of course wonderful for your home.

Which fitted sheet stays tight?

You lie on a fitted sheet all night. There is nothing more irritating than lying on a fold of the fitted sheet. A well-fitting fitted sheet that fits tightly around the mattress not only looks much nicer, it is also more comfortable. Whichever size you choose will ensure that your fitted sheet stays in place. Because we think it is so important that a fitted sheet fits nicely, we have provided our fitted sheets with a nice spacious (high) edge of 30 CM. In addition, our fitted sheets have an elastic band all the way around, so that the fitted sheet stretches nice and tight under the mattress.

Our sustainable guarantee

Our fitted sheets are made from 100% organic cotton. In addition, we can proudly say that we work exclusively with GOTS-certified manufacturers for all our products, including our fitted sheets. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is an important quality mark for textiles and is leading within the industry. This is because it is the toughest certification. It guarantees that the entire chain has been checked for sustainability and that no chemicals have been used in the products.

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