Why a good and beautiful fitted sheet is important

It fitted sheet is often a bit forgotten. If you are a beautiful set you quickly feel like “oh that fitted sheet, you can't see that”. Nevertheless, we would like to stand up for a good and beautiful fitted sheet.

A beautiful fitted sheet completes your bed

So you will see a fitted sheet. If you have made the bed neatly, your mattress on which the fitted sheet lies will usually be completely covered by the duvet cover. But since you usually see a piece of the fitted sheet, it is important that it matches the rest of your bed and your bedroom. If you have a very nice Brique Red or Forest Green have a duvet cover set, it is a shame if there is a white fitted sheet underneath. Incidentally, it is also the case that you only view your bed when it is made. If you are reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee, you also want it to look nice. 

Long story short: You think your fitted sheet is not that visible, but it is precisely when it does not fit nicely with the rest of the bed, it stands out. We therefore offer fitted sheets in a large number (19 !!) colors. This way you can always buy a fitted sheet that fits nicely with your bedding set. We therefore have fitted sheets in the following colors:

  1. White fitted sheet: White
  2. Very light gray fitted sheet: Pebble
  3. Gray fitted sheet: Silver Gray
  4. Beige fitted sheet: Camel
  5. Ocher fitted sheet: Khaki Gold
  6. Yellow fitted sheet: Inca Gold
  7. Light yellow fitted sheet: Mellow Yellow
  8. Purple fitted sheet: Lilac Gray
  9. Light Pink fitted sheet: Nude
  10. Rose fitted sheet: Dusty Rose
  11. Red Fitted Sheet: Brique Red
  12. Orange fitted sheet: Cognac
  13. Brown fitted sheet: Chocolate
  14. Gray brown fitted sheet: Smokey
  15. Light blue fitted sheet: Sky Blue
  16. Dark blue fitted sheet: Navy Blue
  17. Blue green fitted sheet: Petrol Green
  18. Green fitted sheet: Forest Green 
  19. Light green fitted sheet: Pale Olive

You can see beautiful combinations on various pages on our website. But you can also take a look at the inspiration page. Are you unsure which colors look best with your bedding? We are happy to help you, send us an email: service@suite702.com

A fitted sheet must breathe well

Material matters. You might see the fitted sheet a little less than the rest of it bedding, you like it the most. Your body makes the most contact with the fitted sheet. Because you perspire during the night, it is very important that you have a fitted sheet of good breathable material. The fitted sheets of SUITE702 are made of organic percale cotton. This is very finely woven cotton. This makes it wonderfully smooth and not only feels good, but also breathes well. We do not recommend fitted sheets with synthetic material.

A fitted sheet that fits nicely around the mattress

You lie on a fitted sheet all night. Nothing so annoying to lie on a fold of the fitted sheet. A well-fitting fitted sheet that fits tightly around the mattress not only looks much nicer, it also feels better. Because we think it is so important that a fitted sheet fits nicely, we have provided our fitted sheets with a nice spacious (high) edge of 30 cm. In addition, our fitted sheets have elastic all around, so that the fitted sheet under the mattress stretches nicely.



There are many different sizes of mattresses. In addition, there are also toppers and split toppers. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver fitted sheets from stock for every type of mattress. We offer the most common sizes and can also have fitted sheets made to measure if desired. 

These are the different sizes of fitted sheets that you can buy at SUITE702: