On time to bed. We all want it, but it almost never works. Lying down in your nest at 10 am is easier said than done. We sit comfortably on our laptop or mobile on the couch posts to like others. To finally watch another episode of that addictive series. There will always be two, you know that yourself. Ever opened a Twix and pulled one out to save the other for tomorrow? Exactly.

How do we deal with the “sleep procrastinator” in ourselves? If our bed wants to win over Facebook and Netflix, it could use some help.

Fortunately, it is not all that complicated. It's about seduction. If you want to lose weight, you should not get cookies, but you will not make it with just an unwashed celeriac. How do you tempt yourself to go to sleep earlier?

Imagine you are sitting on the couch; pressure on the “procrastinates”. You actually want to go to bed, you are tired, but the TV is on and you have all your devices within reach. Afraid of missing out. In the meantime, your sleep in bed lies there like a sweaty rag in the aroma of yesterday. This way, your bed will not tempt you to go to bed nice and early, like a fresh and welcoming, cleanly made bed does.

Of course you already saw this one coming. But nice bedding, which looks a bit handsome, is the ultimate seducer. Crispy fresh and wonderfully smooth. You allow yourself that. So right now to bed. Facebook can be turned off. You order that bed linen tomorrow when you have slept well.