Bedroom inspiration: This is how you transform your bedroom into a Glamor SUITE

We stand with SUITE702 in front of "The suite life". We celebrate life in bed as if you were in a chic hotel suite. We work, play, sleep in bed. We live in the bedroom and sleep in the living room. Life as a luxury hotel stay. Who would not want that.

The nice thing is, you don't need a fancy house or large bedroom at all. With a few nice products and some smart solutions you can transform your bedroom into a suite. But of course everyone is different. One has more one bohemian style the other more minimalistic. By combining colors from our extensive color palette you can always make the right mix. Every week we treat a new suite.

What style does your bedroom have?

Do you like a bit of glamor transform your bedroom into a Glamor SUITE. The challenge is to get just the right balance. It may be a bit ordinary, but don't turn it into a panther paradise. The nice wallpaper with a print is a good start, but keep it a bit chic. You are less likely to get bored with a wallpaper with a neutral design and offer the right atmosphere.

Some gold elements such as a busboy with some bottles or a cool glamorous retro lamp are great and you can best buy it somewhere second-hand. If you have room for a nice bench, then of course it is completely good for the hotel suite feeling. Choose a velor upholstery, which is nice and glamorous.

Give your bed that golden Glamor look

And then of course you have the bed: the piece the resistance. The bed with its enormous surface is a huge eye-catcher. For the real glamorous feeling, we advise you to buy one satin duvet cover to go. Satin has a subtle shine that gives it a chic look. Opt for rich colors such as Honey, which has a beautiful golden glow. A Champagne duvet cover also gives the room a real luxurious look. Combine these colors with pillowcases in for example Bordeaux, Cedar Wood or Toffee

Are you more of a fan percale cotton bedding, fortunately there are still plenty of Combine options Inca Gold or Khaki Gold duvet cover with a Nude fitted sheet and Dusty Rose pillowcase. They are pink shades of bedding that you combine with gold-colored bedding. Style it all off with, for example, a nice one bigDOT in a striking accent color such as Brique Red.

You can easily change your bedding. Dare to combine. Enjoy!