Pastel power

Anyone who follows the fashion scene a little knows that pastel colors will determine the street scene in the coming years. Nowadays it is sometimes a bit extreme in fashion. We see that home deco does follow these fashion trends, but in a somewhat milder form.

If pastel stands for something, it is for subtle use of color.

It is not the bright colors, but cuddly soft nuanced colors that create a friendly atmosphere.

With bedding we see that the pastels are a bit more subtle or even gray. Of course, it is not going to be bright yellow or even neon in the bedroom. Neither is purplish. But Mellow Yellow and Lilac Gray its friendly colors make your bedroom a wonderfully light and soft retreat.

These powdery pastels provide wonderful relief in the bedroom. But of course you don't have to with pastel all-in to go. Use a pastel as a playful accent color and thus let the color of the other bedding speak more. A pastel in the shape of a bedMATE or a bigDOT pillow is a wonderful sweet for in bed.

We will see this pastel trend for a while in the near future. Fortunately, you can endlessly combine the different colors with other more intensive colors.