You should pay attention to these 3 points with sustainable bed & bath textiles

Nowadays, sustainability is a 'hot topic' and it is important that everyone contributes to a fair and sustainable world. The textile world is also developing rapidly and the materials are produced in a more sustainable manner. This does not only apply to clothing, but also to bedding & badtextiel† We also follow these developments closely. Our products are therefore sustainably produced and made from organic GOTS certified cotton. This means that our bed linen and bathroom textiles meet the strictest sustainability requirements. In this way we contribute to a better world. And we hope to inspire you too, so we say: start making your bedroom and bathroom more sustainable and purchase sustainable textiles.

But how do you as a consumer know whether you are buying sustainable and fair textiles? And what should you pay attention to? In this blog we describe 3 points that you should pay attention to with sustainable bed and bath textiles. 

1. Hallmarks: GOTS vs. Oeko-tex 100

When you purchase new bedding and bathroom textiles, it is first important to see which quality mark the textile has. There are different quality marks and a quality mark does not mean that a product is 'good'. We therefore highlight two important quality marks and show why one quality mark is better than the other. Our bedding meets both labels, and a few others. Curious which one? you read that here


Oeko-tex 100

You may have seen this label before. Oeko-tex 100, for example, can be seen in many types of clothing, including the clothing of Lidl and Zeeman. It seems like a good quality mark, but there is a problem. Oeko-tex 100 only tests for harmful substances that are commonly used in the textile industry. They also say nothing about the conditions in which the product is made and about the environmental impact. It is of course nice to know that there are no toxic substances in the clothing, but you have no idea whether the product is fair and organic. 



If you really want to go for sustainability, choose textiles that are made from organic GOTS certified cotton. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and assesses whether textiles are produced in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way. Unlike Oeko-tex, GOTS looks at the entire production process. From growing and harvesting the cotton plant to sustainable packaging and dyeing of textiles. GOTS is the toughest certification: every part of the process must meet the strict standards of organic textiles. In addition, GOTS also ensures that the working conditions are good and they strictly check for child labour, animal welfare, having a minimum wage and having a safe and hygienic working environment. Because GOTS textile is made under good conditions, it is logically also more expensive. But one thing is certain: you know that you are making a good and sustainable choice and that it is 100% organic. If you buy textiles with the Oeko-tex 100 quality mark, you know that there are no toxic substances in the textile, but it is not necessarily organic. 


2. Buy quality for the long term

In addition to having a good quality mark, it is important that the textile is of good quality. Because if you buy good quality bedding and bathroom textiles, they will last a long time and you will enjoy them for a long time. And that is of course much more sustainable than having to replace your bed and bathroom textiles every year. You've probably experienced it. You buy a cheap duvet or a few towels in the sale, but in the end you only enjoy it for a short time because of the poor quality. This is a waste of your wallet and bad for the environment. So as they say, cheap is expensive. Therefore, check carefully whether the material is of good quality and whether it will last a long time. A biological satin-cotton duvet For example, it lasts much longer than a synthetic satin duvet. At suite702 we therefore only sell bedding and bathroom linen of the best quality. And because everyone has their own preferences, we have a wide range of colours, materials and weaving techniques.


3. Buy something that really makes you happy and that is timeless

Last but not least: buy bed and bath textiles in colors and prints that really suit you and your interior. And buy something that really makes you happy, so that you don't have to look forward to it for half a year. For example, see if you can mix and match the bed linen and bathroom textiles. For example, choose a few different colors that go well together and with which you can always make new combinations. This is how you can use your existing towel set and bathroom / bedroom a completely different look. And also check whether your existing bed and bath textiles will last all year round. For example, Suite702 has a seasonless collection, such as a 4-season duvet† This is a sustainable choice, because you only need to purchase one duvet for the whole year. 

It goes without saying that we pay attention to the above points and we hope that you will too. Only if every individual takes sustainable steps can we really make the world a better place. And it doesn't have to be big. By simply paying attention to, for example, your bed and bathroom textiles, you already make a difference. Do you want to take an extra step? Make sure you order the right sizes and colors, then you don't have to return it.