With these 5 tips you can turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite

Is your bedroom just a place to sleep? After reading this blog, that will be a thing of the past! As far as we're concerned, your bedroom is much more than that. You can really turn your bedroom into a party. Because just think what it's like to transform your bedroom into a luxurious hotel suite? And that you experience the luxury of a 5-star hotel in your own bedroom? Be careful though, because you probably won't get out of bed.

So do you want to enjoy every night in your own luxury hotel suite? Then get started with the 5 tips we give in this blog. In this way, your bedroom does not just become a place to sleep, but a place where you experience a luxurious holiday feeling every day. 


Tip 1: color or wallpaper on the wall

You can achieve a lot with color and give your bedroom a luxurious look. With the right color you immediately create the chic and warm look of a hotel suite. Do you want to go for real hotel chic? Then opt for deep colors and add luxurious materials. In luxury hotels you often see colors such as deep green, royal blue or grayish shades of blue. These colors are often combined with modern colors such as old pink and ocher yellow. But you can also choose to paint one wall, paint a paneling or wallpaper the walls in your bedroom. Think, for example, of wallpaper with golden details or a beautiful pattern.

Tip 2: choose furniture that exudes luxury

When you walk into a luxury hotel suite, the first thing you see is a large bed with a thick mattress and a lot of pillows† This not only exudes luxury, but also comfort. And you prefer to dive right into that bed. Do you also want to experience this feeling in your own bedroom? Then choose a king-size bed with a high headboard. And then buy a few extra pillows in addition to the two usual pillows, such as our bedMATE of bigDOT and put it on the bed with your pillows. In addition, it is very nice to place an armchair or bench at the foot end, for example. This immediately gives a chic and romantic look. Do you have any space left in your bedroom? Consider a cozy seat, such as a small table with two stylish chairs. You often see this in luxury hotel rooms and with this you create your own luxury hotel suite look. 

Our bigDOT in different colors


Tip 3: luxury bedding

You know what's so great about a luxury hotel room? Those crisp, fresh and soft sheets! You probably recognize this if you ever sleep in a luxury hotel. It is therefore important - next to your bed - to also have the right sheets to choose. To create a luxury hotel suite, it is best to choose cotton-satin sheets. This fabric is very stylish, has a smooth feel and a subtle sheen. If you also have a nice blanket or plaid you really create that luxurious look. But also think about the color of your duvet cover. Of course, on that large king-size bed, sheets in a color that matches your bedroom. Therefore, keep the colors in mind when choosing bed linen. It would be a shame if you matched all the colors and then use your old and mismatched bedding for convenience. Finally, the sheets cover a large part of the surface in the bedroom and largely determine the look and feel of the room. 

Tip 4: large accessories

In luxury hotels you often see large accessories. You know, those big vases with the most beautiful flowers and large plants. You can also place a few large and luxurious accessories in your bedroom, such as a somewhat larger golden vase with flowers. Golden details in your bedroom radiate luxury, so opt for a few golden accessories. You can also think of a chandelier above your bed or a large work of art on the wall. Of course you don't have to buy an expensive work of art right away, but think of a large frame with a beautiful poster. You can place a chic lamp with a striking lampshade on your bedside table. You often see this in luxury hotel rooms. But remember: less is more! It is important to create calm in the bedroom, so opt for a few striking accessories and do not clutter your entire bedroom. 

Tip 5: window decoration

Do you want to complete your own luxury hotel suite? Then don't forget the curtains. Curtains create atmosphere. Most luxury hotels often opt for heavier curtains that reach to the floor. This has a very luxurious look. But what is also very beautiful are wooden slats combined with curtains. This combination has a chic look and you immediately have sun protection for the summer months. 

Want to turn your own room into a luxury hotel suite? Maybe your bedroom just needs a few minor adjustments to create this feeling. If you already have a nice bed, adding satin bedding and a few nice accessories in the right color can make a big difference. At suite702 you will find satin good quality bedding that immediately gives you that hotel room feeling. But also us linen bedding on percale cotton is of great luxury quality. So do you want to make your bedroom more than just a place to sleep? Then get started today.