Luxury Hotel Bedding

Luxury Hotel Bedding


Percale cotton is often referred to as luxury hotel quality bedding. Why? Well that's not that complicated, in many luxury hotels the bedding is made of percale cotton.



Percale is about the way of weaving. Material can also have a jacquard weave or a satin weave. So satin is not a type of silk, but a type of weave. A percale weave is a symmetrical weave. The number of horizontal wires is equal to the number of vertical wires. You may speak of "percale" if at least 200 threads per square inch are woven. The number of threads per square inch is referred to as thread count. The bedding of SUITE702 has 300 threads per square inch. These are a lot of very thin threads that are very tightly woven.



Thread density is important to how the bedding feels. A high thread count feels soft, nice and cool and crispy glass. But beware, there is a lot of tampering with this. What many manufacturers do is wrap the wires around each other. If you wrap (twine) two threads around each other, you will get thicker threads, increasing the thread density. While the thicker wires wrapped around each other are less fine. A thread density of 100 horizontal threads and 100 vertical threads is supposedly 200 by 200 at once. This is often incorrectly advertised as a percale with a thread density of 400. But of course this material does not have the properties of a percale weave made of single ply yarn at all. The percale bedding from SUITE702 is single-thread percale woven cotton with a thread count of 300. Anyone who has it knows it is top notch. The bedding is incidentally too sustainable and socially responsible (GOTS) produced, with a good conscience, that sleeps a lot better.



But why do you often find cotton percale bedding in luxury hotels?

  • A percale woven cotton feels wonderfully smooth and crisp. Percale cotton offers that real luxurious experience.
  • Percale cotton is also easy to press or iron. The bedding will then look extra tight.
  • A nice, tightly made bed feels wonderful but also looks extra attractive.
  • Percale cotton breathes well, so it stays nice and fresh.
  • Due to the very fine yarn used for weaving, the material does not pilling and the bed linen remains beautiful for a long time.
  • Percale weave remains good and beautiful in the wash for a long time. It is of course very important for hotels that the bedding remains beautiful and colourfast for a long time.