In conversation with the "God Mother of Laundry"



Shirley Muijrers one of the founders of SUITE702 is often approached with “washing problems”. Friends and family desperately come up with impossible stains on their irreplaceable wool Marni cardigan or V.etements sweater. Nobody wants to see stains, but some people are happy.   

Where does this passion for washing come from and what is its secret? We asked the “God Mother of Laundry" self. Fortunately, it turns out not to be that complicated.


Tell me why do you like washing so much?

I like washing, so I know for sure that it will go well. I don't trust my husband. I like clothes and textiles. That may also make sense, I am a textile designer. 

I also think it is important that things remain beautiful and colourfast. If you do your best, things will look brand new for a long time.

Washing makes clothes and bedding fresh and new again. I love to put on a freshly washed sweater, it feels a bit like new again. Fresh linen on your bed is also wonderfully fresh. If I take good care of things, then I know that I can enjoy them again afterwards.   


How do you get stubborn stains out of your textile?

Grease stains don't always go out at 40 degrees, so always treat with a stain remover before going into the washing machine.


How warm were you then?

That differs per item of clothing. I wash wool by hand or in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees. I prefer to wash colored textiles at 40 degrees, then the color stays the best. We advise us that bedding is washed at 40 degrees, but it is fine at 60 degrees. Only for the color fastness of the darker colors it is slightly less good in the long term. I would wash the dark colors myself at 40 degrees.


Which detergent do you use?

Most brands are actually fine, the quality is not that different from each other. There are a lot of nonsense innovations in detergent. I do use special detergent for color, white and wool wash.

Do not use too much detergent. If your laundry smells good (thanks to the detergent) then you know that there is still residue from the detergent in it (which makes it smell good)

Too much detergent is therefore not necessarily necessary.


Any other was tips?

Washing is really not that complicated. Do not overfill the washing machine, there must be enough space to drain the dirt.

Remove your clean laundry from the washing machine as soon as possible after the program. If you leave it for a day, all it can start to smell and especially wrinkle. That smell is very difficult to get out.

Always put the same type of colors together. This way you keep the colors beautiful and colourfast. I also make a distinction between light colors and dark colors. Very light blue, like ours Light Blue could do better White than with Navy Blue.



What do you think of a dryer?

Drying in the tumble dryer is in principle never good for textiles, especially textiles made from natural materials such as cotton.

Friction and heat in the dryer release the fibers from the textile. You will find this in a very fluffy form in your filter. In fact, your clothes or textiles are getting lighter and thinner. The worse the quality of the textile, the more dust you have in your filter and the leaner the textile becomes. Percale cotton (where the SUITE702 bedding This is not the case, however, as they are very tightly woven yarns. As a result, these release less fibers.

It is therefore not the case that I do not like to use the dryer. Short drying can work very well, you remove the wrinkles from washing itself. I prefer to get textiles, especially bedding, iron dry. I then let it dry further on the clothesline. Line drying also removes almost all creases.


Do you like to iron?

No actually not. I iron my own beautiful pieces of clothing, I am very careful with that.

Ironing your bedding is top notch, of course real 5 star hotel feeling. But I also love it when it's dried outside on the line.




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