How do I choose the right size duvet and bedding?

We often get questions from people about the dimensions of duvet and bed linen. And that's not surprising, because it can all be quite confusing. Because what exactly is the difference between a duvet, fitted sheet, duvet cover/duvet cover and bed linen? How do you know exactly what size your mattress is? What size duvet do you need for that? And what size bedding fits that again? We have listed all important questions and an overview of the size of mattresses and sizes of duvets and duvet covers for you. 

What is a duvet?

a duvet is a blanket filled with down, wool or another material. We have four different duvets. Summer: especially for the summer, very airy and perfect for warmer temperatures. Spring: for autumn and spring, this is really a duvet for in-between seasons. Winter: a warm duvet that is perfect for cold nights. 4 seasons: a link with buttons from the Spring and Summer duvets so that you can adjust it as you wish. We have both down comforters from Dutch white duck down and from pools alldons† Both are delicious wholedons is just a little more luxurious. Because the down flakes are larger, it offers more comfort/warmth. van This is a summer, spring and winter duvet in one. In addition, we have another linen variant. This is extra cool but has enough weight, perfect for the sleeper who gets too warm quickly. 

What is a duvet cover?

You should not confuse a duvet with a duvet cover† A duvet cover is the cover (therefore also called duvet cover) that you put over your duvet. A duvet cover has a decorative function and you wash and change it -unlike your duvet- every week or once every two weeks. We have a wide range of duvet covers in all kinds different colors, sizes and materials such as linen, percale cotton and satin. 

What is a fitted sheet?

One fitted sheet is the sheet with elastic in the four corners that you put around your mattress. You usually change this at the same time as your duvet cover. It is important that a fitted sheet fits snugly around the mattress. All our fitted sheets are made of percale cotton. Percale cotton is a woven fabric that breathes well. But because it is woven, there is no stretch. Not elastic, like many jersey fitted sheets. Percale breathes much better and is also much more comfortable, but the right size is important. If you have a mattress that is slightly longer or wider than the fitted sheet, it will not fit.

Our fitted sheets have elastic all the way around. This pulls the fitted sheet under the mattress nice and tight. Our fitted sheets are therefore also suitable for toppers, also known as top mattresses. These are a bit thinner than regular mattresses,

Because sizing is so important, you can get fitted sheets with us have it custom made. These percale cotton fitted sheets are available in all possible colours.

What is bedding?

bed linen the collective name is everything you need to make a bed. So: duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases. At Suite 702 you can bedding sets buy in the same colors or just duvet cover, pillowcase on fitted sheet to combine, for example, a certain color fitted sheet with a different color duvet cover. 

And now comes the tricky part. Because how do you know exactly what dimensions everything should have? 

We're going to explain that to you!

A mattress size is not a duvet size

Think about it, you prefer a duvet cover that 'falls outside your bed' and that means that your duvet should be 40 to 60 centimeters wider than your mattress. But how wide is your mattress? If you don't know this, you can measure it in length and width. Because bed and mattress sizes differ from each other, there are also quite large differences between the duvet sizes in width. 

Most (adult) people in the Netherlands have a 180x200 bed, which consists of two 90x200 mattresses. 

As far as the length is concerned, it matters less: the differences are also a lot smaller. The most common size in the Netherlands and Belgium is 200. But we are seeing the longer mattress of 210 or even 220 more and more. 

What size duvet cover should I have?

As we mentioned above, a mattress size is not a duvet size. But: the size of your duvet is leading for your duvet cover. Some duvet covers have a tuck-in strip. That means they are longer than your mattress in length. At SUITE702, the duvet covers (and also pillow covers) do not have a tuck-in strip, but buttons. This is not only neater and tighter, but also ensures that the duvet falls more beautifully over the edge of your bed.  

Below you can see exactly which sizes of duvet and duvet covers you need per type of double bed. 

The size of your mattress

The size of your duvet

The size of your duvet cover/

duvet cover

90 x 200

140 x 220 / 200 / single


160 x 200 cm

200 x  220 / 200 cm / double

200 x 220/200 cm

180 x /200 cm

240 x 220 cm / Twin beds 

240 x 220 cm

200 x 210/220 cm

260 x 220 cm / Twin beds

260 x 220 cm

Which size duvet cover you should have depends on your mattress and duvet. And then you still have to choose whether you go for linen, percale cotton or satin, for yellow/gold tones, pink, earth tones, blue, green or for neutral shades like gray, white of grey-beige (greige). Or just choose them all so you can combine them to your heart's content.