Sustainable living, sustainable sleeping

When we talk about “green”, people often immediately think of sustainable and organic. Very important of course. As far as we are concerned, it goes without saying that products are made with love and respect for nature and people. That's why all our bedding has it GOTS quality mark. A quality mark that guarantees that the entire chain takes place in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.


What we find equally important is that your bed is irresistibly tasty and there fabulous looks like. We want to bring a little more color into the bedroom, literally and figuratively. With our color palette we closely follow the fashion image. And “green” is the color of this fall. What Cécile Narinx already noticed in the Volkskrant magazine of 7 September. 

We also see more and more green in the interior. As a real eye-catcher or as an accent color to combine. Green is a natural color. Cool and cozy at the same time.

Moss, Thyme Green, Petrol Green, Forest Green or Eméerald Green. In linen, percale and satin. Mix & Match them all. Green, do it!

Discover our greens:


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