Give your bedroom that wonderful hotel suite feeling

Your bedroom is where you might spend the most time. A room that is so much more than just a place to turn off the lights and sleep in. You read a newspaper, check your e-mails or watch a series. Especially in the coming dark months it is wonderful to spend a lot of time in bed.

Stop seeing your bedroom as a room for sleeping alone.

Hotel Suite

An easy chair or a small bench at the foot of the bed. A beautiful atmospheric lamp. A work of art on the wall. Turn your bedroom into a room to live in, just as you would the living room.

Combine different colors of bedding to match the rest of your bedroom. That immediately gives a bed an extra look. With the extra long pillow (our bedMATE) you have a soft headboard but also a pillow as support in the back that invites you to chill in bed. The bigDOT is a soft side table on which you place a laptop or tray, but it is above all a nice round and soft cuddly pillow and an attractive color accent for in bed.

Finally, a good tip is to make your bed when you get up in the morning. A sleep in bed just doesn't look that inviting. Very little effort and immediate results. 

If you have already created your ideal bedroom yourself, we would like to see how it turned out. Mail us a photo or share it on social with # SUITE702_bedding