Sustainable, it goes without saying

 Sustainable, which we already do

As you have probably already seen, all our products are produced sustainably. It percale cotton, it satin and the linen all have the GOTS quality mark, which means that the bedding meets the strictest sustainability requirements. It states GOTS also guarantees good social conditions for all those involved in the production process.


For us and probably for you, these kinds of things are actually self-evident. We think it is quite normal that things are just fine. We try to make it fun, pleasant and easy to make the right choices with very attractive products.

We also try to make a difference in other ways. Again very self-evident for us. This is what we (already) do:

  • We send orders in unpainted cardboard boxes made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.
  • We use different sizes of boxes, so that your order is always packed as tightly as possible. As a result, no unnecessary air is moved by vans.
  • We therefore do not use any (polluting) filler that you throw away immediately;
  • We use paper tape (instead of plastic) to seal boxes.
  • We pack your order in an upcycled bag. This is a cotton tote bag made from old tablecloths. You can keep this and do your shopping. We always think it's great when we see someone walking with our bag.
  • We try returns as much as possible. If we suspect someone is placing the wrong order (a bedMATE of 180 and one demolition of 160) we always email to ask if this is the intention. This saves unnecessary sending back and forth and saves the environment.
  • If a delivery person has to offer a package several times, it is not ideal for the environment. That is why you can also have your order delivered to a collection point.
  • We work with PostNL. PostNL has been in the top three of the most sustainable logistics parties worldwide for years. Most of the vans now run on gas.

Sustainable, how can you help?

We are convinced that many things do not require much effort at all. And that doing green can make life (and sleep) even more pleasant.

  • Make sure you order the right sizes.
  • You can order duvet cover and pillowcases separately from us. Don't forget to order your pillowcases, if you want them.
  • Choose a collection point if it is difficult to be there to accept the package.

We keep looking at how we can make things better and easier. For example, we consider that you can determine the time of delivery yourself. 

Suggestions are always welcome. You can U.S always email:



Olaf & Shirley