Summer has officially started, but I feel it has been summer for months. It was nice and warm, let's say tropical. Spontaneously, the hollyhocks shoot from the sidewalk. The terraces are full and everyone in cheerful summer clothes strolls through the city in a good mood. Summer, with the nice warm weather and the free existence that we suddenly allow ourselves, has something to offer. Of course we knew that for a long time. But sleeping in that heat is a lot more difficult.

In the summer I often feel very hot in bed. I find a sheet too light, a down duvet too warm. I keep turning my pillow endlessly, to be able to lie on the “cool” side. I do the same with my duvet. This always only makes sense, and it wakes up my girlfriend. I know "first world problems”, We have a hard time here in the subtropical Netherlands. 

With sweaty legs and sweltering bed linen, it is difficult to sleep well. The bedding under which you lie can make a big difference. And it is precisely the percale bedding that SUITE702 has, which is ideal for the fresh crispy cool sleeping experience.

It is no rocket science, when you lie in synthetic bedding, you sweat like an otter. For the warm sleeper, cotton bedding is the best choice. But one cotton bed linen is not the other. The SUITE702 bed linen is woven from long-fiber cotton yarns, similar to Egyptian cotton. These are much thinner and lighter so that they can be woven together extremely tightly. The SUITE702 cotton is woven percale, this is crisper and breathes extremely well. That breathing is very important, it ventilates well and your bed is much less sweltering. Percale cotton is therefore the ideal material for the summer and people who are (too) hot at night.

Do you want to survive in the subtropical Netherlands this summer? Then give yourself a cool night's sleep.