bedMATE, the best buddy that takes care of your bed peace


Do you prefer to stay in bed all day or do you like to read or watch TV from bed, then the bedMATE really something for you. The bedMATE can be used as an extra long pillow, headboard or as a bodypillow if you want to cuddle up. The bedMATE is indispensable for a bit of bedPeace. 

The bedMATE is an extra long pillow of no less than 160cm or 180cm long. 

The ideal bed partner, especially with a lovely pillowcase made of organic percale cotton or linen. The bedMATE is also available in one Vegan variant filled with Dreamball. This is an extremely soft and very supple synthetic sleeping ball with the same properties as down.

The bedMATE is available in different colors such as navy blue, dusty rose and much more to fit into any bedroom.

This extra long pillow is made in the Netherlands and has the NoMite and DownPass certificate.

Use your buddy as a headboard, or snuggle up against it, lie on top, hug him, use him as a buffer or turn his back on him, the bedMATE is happy with it.