An attractive bedroom with the new SUITE702 bedding

5 Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Bedroom a Dream Bedroom.

 You secretly spend a lot more time in your bedroom than you think. It is the room where you can relax, but it is also increasingly a room where you live, work and enjoy. While it used to be a hidden room, you may bedroom are seen more and more. With your bedroom you show who you are. With fashionable bedroom ideas, your bedroom will be as up to date as your wardrobe. The great thing is, with a few smart bedroom ideas, it doesn't have to be a whole lot of work at all.

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With the inspiration and bedroom tips below, you can turn your bedroom into your dream bedroom. Get inspired!

 1. A timeless basis

No matter what your bedroom ideas are, you start with the basics. No matter how wild your ideas are, our advice: Choose a calm and light base for your bedroom. Some elements, like you bedding, you can change it every week, but your bed or curtains will last you much longer. Choose light neutral colors for your box spring, your bed frame or curtains. Too pronounced may get boring quickly and it is also more difficult to combine.

Image: Bedroom Trees van de Ent


Your bedroom is not like the rest of your house. Where the rest of your house is perhaps much more 1 whole, you can perfectly color the walls in your bedroom. Keep in mind that you don't have to do all the walls in the same color. Such a wall is painted like this with a roller and a small jar of latex

2. Playing with Color and Material. 

When decorating your bedroom, remember that you have many elements that you can play with. The colors of your wall and curtains have a lot of influence on the atmosphere of your bedroom, but you have just as much influence bedding. Your bed has a large surface. The color, but also the material, determines the atmosphere of your bedroom. 

Bohemian washed linen
Image: Bedroom for VT-Wonen van Marianne Luning
When designing your bedroom ideas, remember that materials determine the look. It's crispy percale cotton stands for the typical luxury hotel feeling. It's subtly shiny satin gives your bedroom a chic look. The tough washed linen gives your bedroom that typical vintage linen look. Linen can wrinkle a little, but it doesn't look messy. Give your bedroom that cool bohemian look with washed linen. 

3. Mix & Match: choose an accent color

As a well-known interior designer once said: my favorite color is white, because it lets the other colors speak so beautifully.

Lilac Grey Mix&Match set

If you opt for a neutral light bedroom, white bed linen or bed linen in light neutral colors fits well with it. Our new pastels also go well with this bedroom idea. Especially if you go for a light neutral look, it is great and particularly beautiful to add an accent color. For example, if you prefer the fresh light Lilac Gray then this color becomes extra beautiful and subtle, by adding a darker color to it

4. A touch of retro

But you can of course always go for retro. The retro trend has become increasingly popular in recent years and should therefore not be missing from this list of bedroom ideas. You create a retro atmosphere by (among others) darker colors  to combine. Don't overdo it. Right away greens and blue shades or with Cognac and Khaki Gold are you all right. These colors can be combined with practically everything. This way you can easily keep changing your bedroom. 

Retro stijl

5. Finishing touch 

Make your bedroom more than just a place to sleep. With the bigDOT you have a decorative pillow and a soft side table for in bed. Not only a nice accent, but also very practical for setting up a tray or laptop, for example. That Netflixt just a bit easier. Totally a top bedroom idea is the bedMATE; this extra long pillow is the ideal size for in bed. It is a headboard and a pillow to embrace yourself. The bedMATE and the bigDOT come in many different colors, making it the ideal one finishing touch to bring your bedroom styling.


Make your bedroom the most irresistible room in the world with these 5 bedroom ideas. Your bed invites you to go to bed earlier and stay in bed even more time.

Hopefully we have been able to inspire and motivate you. Get started today and tackle that bedroom.